Please Note. The article “Walk for Health” in the March 2020 edition of the Village Voice no longer complies with the current Government rules and advice on exercising which changed after going to press

Sadly the March 2020 edition of the paper will be the last edition of the Voice for some time. A decision was made to deliver it as it had been printed.

On the front page are photographs of some of our village shopkeepers who are doing a sterling job of keeping the village supplied with essential items and we thought they deserved credit

In addition to that, our volunteers have used it as part of their daily hour of exercise to deliver.

As mail is also being delivered, you will be cleaning your door/letterbox. You may have noticed we have many younger people delivering your Voice as those in self isolation were not available. There are 4 streets we have not been able to deliver to. However, there are several copies left in the newsagents which Tony has kindly agreed to keep so it can be collected from there if you are doing shopping.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Voice and we look forward to bringing it to you again in the not so distant future.

Thank you, and if have any queries please contact Mike Stoddart

Welcome to the Lanchester Village Voice

The Village Voice is a newspaper which comes out monthly for the village of Lanchester, Durham. It is run entirely by volunteers.

It began in January 2000 when a few local residents got together to produce a ‘What’s On’ edition with a few other items about the village. It was felt that this would be very useful as there were, and still are, so many organisations in the village.

Now, the paper has grown over the years to an average size of 24 pages, with about eight editions with front and back pages in colour. Our advertisers have also increased dramatically from the beginning and there are currently about 60 or so advertisers in our portfolio.

There are almost 3000 papers printed delivered by 40 volunteers to every house in: Lanchester, Iveston, Hollinside, Satley, Hurbuck Cottages and Malton. Further copies are dropped at: Burnhope to three shops, Langley Park to two shops and Annfield Plain to one shop.

The newspaper is a registered limited co-operative which trades as Lanchester Publications. It is put together by the following team, most of whom are on the Management Council, with some as Directors. Those members of the team are: Brian Oram, Christine Monaghan, John Hurran, Ken Todd, Mike Stoddart, Dorothy Maskery, Maisie Raine, Brenda Craddock, Mavis Datta and John Wilson.

Together with our Deliverers, our Advertisers, and the above mentioned Team, we are able to put out what we believe is a very good publication, which feedback tells us is much appreciated.

We hope that our Internet readers will feel the same, but wish to assure all our current readers wherever they live that we will always be a paper edition as is our tradition.